Brand new government

The composition of the new government is scheduled for announcement tomorrow, a source has told the Times.
Last Thursday, Dr Alexis Tam told MDT that the announcement would take place this week, and the Chief Executive himself told journalists at the Legislative Assembly on November 11 that the names of the new secretaries would be made public in a press conference.
Several sources contacted by the Times consider “the list” published by Ou-Mun Daily News earlier this month to be “very solid and definitive”.
Relying on this information, which circulated heavily on social media, all the incumbent secretaries and most of the other top posts will be replaced. Only the top judge (Mr Sam Hou Fai) and the Commissioner of Audit (Mr Ho Veng On) would escape decimation.
According to observers, the most surprising replacements are those of Mr Ho Chio Meng, the general prosecutor, and of Mr Cheong U, who at some point was selected to replace Ms Florinda Chan. Both were seen as possible candidates for the top post (Chief Executive) by the time Dr Chui Sai On was running for his first mandate.
Macau Daily Times wasn’t able to confirm the announcement date at press time.  But yesterday Macau Post Daily also cited sources saying the announcement will happen tomorrow. The CE and other top government officials will be sworn in by China’s president Xi Jinping on Dec 20.

The list:

The Secretary for Administration and Justice – Ms Sonia Chan Hoi Fan
(Current occupation: Office for Personal Data Protection Coordinator)
The Secretary for Economy and Finance – Mr Lionel Leong Vai Tac
(Current occupation: Businessman)
The Secretary for Transport and Public Works – Mr Raimundo do Rosário
(Current occupation: Permanent Macau Representative to the EU)
The Secretary for Security – Mr Wong Sio Chak
(Current occupation:  Director of Judiciary Police)
The Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture – Mr Alexis Tam Chong Veng
(Current occupation: Government Spokesperson and Head of the Office of the Chief Executive)
Prosecutor General – Mr Ip Son Sang
(Current occupation: President of the Court of First Instance)
President of the Court of Final Appeal – Mr Sam Hou Fai
(Keeps same post)
Commissioner Against Corruption – Mr Andre Cheong Veng Chong
(Current occupation: Director of the Legal Affairs Bureau)
Audit Commissioner – Mr Ho Veng On
(Keeps same post)
Commissioner General of the Unitary Police Service – Mr Ma Io Kun
(Current occupation: Commissioner of the Public Security Police Force)
Director-General of the Customs Service – Ms Lai Man Wa
(Current occupation: Deputy director of the Customs Service)

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