New harbor bridge named Macau Bridge

The Public Works Bureau (DSOP) announced yesterday that the fourth bridge connecting Macau and Taipa has been officially named the “Macau Bridge” after an extensive process of public suggestion, voting and vetting.

It took the government three months and 10 days to determine the name, which most social media users regarded as unimpressive.

The name suggestion campaign received over 14,000 names from 5,703 local residents. The vetting committee then shortlisted of 88 names, which were further filtered down to 37 options. After public voting, five names emerged as the most popular choices: Macau Bridge, New Town Bridge, Mirror Sea Bridge, Silver Jubilee Bridge and Hou Kong Bridge.

Members of the public took to Facebook to express their opinions on the name. One user questioned why it took so long to determine a relatively unoriginal name, in the comments on a post by public broadcaster TDM Chinese.

Another social media user suggested the government reconsider, saying that eventual incidents on the bridge could tarnish the name of Macau.

On the Facebook page of pro-government Macao Daily News, a social media user lamented that talented individuals often leave Macau due to missed opportunities and poor decisions like this one. AL

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