New Macau call on Chui for meeting on mainland driving license policy

The New Macau Association, along with lawmaker Sulu Sou, has formally sent a letter to the Chief Executive inviting him to a meeting regarding mutual driving license recognition.

This comes after a 22-year-old local woman on a scooter was hit by a car driven by a non-resident worker who was attempting to perform a U-turn in Cotai.

According to a statement issued yesterday by New Macau, the association is inviting the top official for a discussion on the current status and progress of the signing of the mutual driving license recognition.

“Along with the serious car accidents caused by mainland drivers in recent months in Macau, the community is filled with anxiety,” the association stated.

“Entrusted by the families of the victims of the car accidents, [New Macau] requests that the CE’s Office arranges a meeting in the short term. Through direct communication, we will try our best to narrow the social divergence and resolve the public conflicts,” it added.

Last weekend, as many as 600 residents protested on the streets, calling on the government to withdraw the scheme that grants mutual recognition of licenses between Macau and the mainland. 

Organized by New Macau, along with the Macao Community Development Initiative and lawmakers Ng Kuok Cheong and Au Kam San, the protestors cited fears of a rise in cases related to illegal drivers and an exponential growth in the number of drivers from the mainland permitted to drive in the region.

They said that the scheme would contribute to traffic concerns and more accidents that might endanger those living in Macau, as previously reported.

Last week the association was also urging the CE to withdraw the scheme. According to Sou, at a minimum drivers from the mainland should be subjected to a local driving examination to be able to drive in Macau, adding that the SAR should implement restrictions. LV

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