No approved residency applications for ‘major investment’ category in 2020


The Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) has not approved any residence applications based on the ‘major investment’ category last year.
According to a statement, citing temporary residency statistics for approved investors, managers and technical personnel in 2020, the IPIM received a total of six new residence applications based on the “major investment” category and a total of 88 new applications based on ‘management and technical personnel.’
Among the cases handled in 2020, including the applications which were received in previous years, there was no application approved under the category of “major investment” while five were rejected or cancelled; three applications under the category of “management and technical personnel” were approved, while six were rejected or cancelled.
According to the statistics and industry classification of approved applications in 2020, all cases involved were in the medical and healthcare industry.
The IPIM’s February data shows that it has approved a total of 2,084 temporary residency applications for technicians with special qualifications over a period of 15 years.
Also in February, the IPIM said there were a total of 211 temporary residency renewal applications made by technicians with special qualifications, involving a total of 403 people. The IPIM justified the delay in the processing of the requests by referring to the “government’s respect [for] the adjudication of the court, abiding by the law to administrate the city, and, jointly with different sectors, upholding the rule of law, which is the core value of the SAR society.”

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