Notaries ordered to cease services to Alvin Chau and company

The Public Prosecutions Office (MP) has ordered all notaries in the city to immediately suspend the practice of any notary acts or services involving the assets of Alvin Chau and related companies, the Times has learned.

In an “urgent” notice sent by the Legal Affairs Bureau (DSAJ) on December 2, reviewed by MDT, the MP noted that by the order of the Honorable Delegate Coordinator of Process No. 3472/2020, “we hereby notify your notary office to immediately suspend the practice of any notarial act involving the assets of the persons and companies indicated.”

First on the list was the junket king, Chau, and the following companies: Suncity Group Limited, UO Group Company, Soonest Technology LDA and Sun City Gaming Promotion Co Ltd.

According to a legal expert who wanted to remain anonymous, such urgent notices are “rarely sent to the Macau notaries.” “Maybe once or twice a year,” the source added.

The notice implies that nobody can conduct any business with the Suncity Group CEO and the cited companies.

The notice came over a week after the arrest of the CEO of the largest junket operator in Macau for alleged involvement in illegal activities related to online gaming and money laundering on November 27.

Authorities have previously said they had been investigating the case since July last year, adding  that the gambling syndicate has 199 shareholder representatives, over 12,000 agents promoting its gambling operations and more than 80,000 gamblers in its network.

The case has put the city on maximum alert due to the potential direct and indirect repercussions.

On December 1, the leading operator of VIP rooms shut all of its clubs spread across the city’s casinos.

The same day, Hong Kong Stock Exchange registered Suncity Group Holdings Limited suspended stock trading in Hong Kong at 9 a.m. (opening time) to prevent its stock value from plummeting further.
Trading only resumed the next day, when the stock’s value had already plummeted by 48%, its lowest point this year with a value of HKD0.132 per share.

Wynn Macau to close VIP clubs 

Wynn Macau is set to close its VIP rooms by December 20 amid the arrest of Alvin Chau, CEO of the largest junket operator Suncity Group.

According to All In Media, who cited gaming insiders, the operator has “taken the lead to make a move to get rid of all VIP rooms in order to clarify its relationship with the VIP lounges.”

No confirmation has been received from the gaming operator at the time of going to press. 

Late last month, the Court of Final Appeal (TUI) ruled that Wynn Macau was jointly responsible for its debts with the operator of a VIP room.

The case establishes an important legal precedent as it determines the legal responsibility of gaming concessionaires for the activities developed by junkets.  

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