Taste of Edesia

Off Menu Extravaganza 

Recently, Tatler Off Menu and Galaxy Macau curated a transcendent event experience for food aficionados. The event unfolded at Cabana at The Banyan Tree in Macau, delivering an unmissable treat for guests seeking the perfect intersection of culinary excellence, vibe-like entertainment and immersive luxury experiences. The festival transported visitors into a world where a galaxy of stars from Michelin-starred culinary masters and established Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and Bars’ gastronomic talents redefined the essence of fine dining. As the culinary geniuses paired up – many for the first time – they created a dining experience that transcended the ordinary, redefining palates amid the vibrant ambiance.

The collaboration between three-star chef Jimmy Lim of JL Studio in Taichung, Taiwan, and the one-star wonder Uwe Opocensky from Restaurant Petrus in Hong Kong was nothing short of a gastronomic match made in heaven. Yielding a mouthwatering Water Bamboo, Cherry Tomato, Straciatella, from Chef Lim at JL Studio; and a standout French Ice Kacang – shaved Foie Gras, French Beans, Croutons, Hazelnut from Chef Opocensky at Restaurant Petrus, to masterfully ignite their collaborative influences in the kitchen.

Out of the entire venue, our favorite dishes from the event were from Saffron’s Suraja “Jan” Ruangnukulkit in Macau and Singaporean Barry Quek of Whey, both luminaries in their own right, embarked on a culinary journey that resulted in delicious and artful masterpieces. Unveiling Chef Jan’s revolutionary Niang scallops, Gooseberries, Thai Herbs, Caviar on Betel Leaf; juxtaposed with Chef Quek’s flavorful Curry Laksa Konjac rice, Octopus, Llama Island Dried Shrimp; their collaboration was a testament to the creative prowess sparked when two culinary masterminds join forces.

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