Over 60 contemporary artworks from two young GBA artists at Sands Gallery

A new exhibition at Sands Gallery is showcasing nearly 60 works of diverse art forms and media including oil painting, sculpture, installations, photography and projection.

Titled Illumination – Zhaoying Zhang & Sisi Wong Dual Solo Exhibition, the exposition probes into the cultural connotations of light through the exhibits, and explores, from the perspective of technique, how the artists interpret the diverse aspects of the artworks using light. 

Exhibition artists Zhaoying Zhang and Sisi Wong were first-prize winners in the painting and photography categories, respectively, in the Time is on My Side – 2021 Greater Bay Area Young Artists Scheme launched by Sands China.

Professor Hu Bin, the exhibition curator, said: “In Macau, a frontier where Eastern and Western cultures meet and collide, we are hosting an exhibition of works from two contemporary artists closely related to this idea, in hopes of exploring how the cultural and technical ‘illuminations’ clash with their multi-dimensional art forms.”

Illumination – Zhaoying Zhang & Sisi Wong Dual Solo Exhibition is open to the public 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily until March 26 at Sands Gallery, located on the 6th floor of The Grand Suites at Four Seasons. 

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