Parliament to discuss third round of stimulus tomorrow


Out of the nine debate motions to be processed on Thursday at the Legislative Assembly (AL), two are related to the third round of stimulus, two request the government to opt for consumption cards and two relate to local employment. Four lawmakers – Sulu Sou, Ella Lei, Becky Song and Agnes Lam – submitted a motion to discuss whether there should be a third round of stimulus and if it should take the form of a consumption card. The Chief Executive will attend a question and answer session at the AL next Tuesday.

IAM to resume tree restoration with Guangdong Forestry

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) recently signed an agreement with the Guangdong Forestry Science Academy on the second stage of the tree restoration project. Early this year, the IAM reviewed the effectiveness of the first stage of the project and found that 90% of the restored trees survived. Some of them have grown to three-meters tall and survived the previous typhoon seasons. The IAM has pledged to further invest in forest restoration, while also expanding the city’s biodiversity.

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