PSP expands fine payment online platform

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) has updated its fine payment online platform to allow payment of fines for jaywalking and a number of other traffic violations.

Before the update, the platform only accepted fine payments for vehicle violations, such as illegal parking.

Payments can be paid in the Traffic section of the online services of the PSP website. After clicking Violation Query, the fine ticket number should be inserted. This final step concerns jaywalkers; cycling, skatebiking or wheelchair violations; as well as violations by non-local vehicles at the delta bridge East Carpark.

The relevant car plate number, however, should be entered into the system when paying fines concerning vehicle violations.

Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay.

Violations involving pedestrians have dropped from the weekly average of several hundred early this year, to a little over 100 cases recently. Between March 11 and 17, 157 such violations were logged.

The police said that handling relevant violations through the bureau’s online system will be more convenient and time-saving, adding that to ensure the safety of road users, the latter must abide by traffic rules when traveling.

Non-local drivers should understand the local traffic laws and regulations before driving. They should pay attention to road conditions when driving and avoid driving behaviors that jeopardize other road users. Pedestrians should use pedestrian crossing facilities to cross the road and not engage in dangerous behaviors that jeopardize road traffic. AL

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