Public leisure facilities only open with proven safety

Besides certifications, third-party quality inspections are also conducted before the opening of public leisure facilities, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has said in response to lawmaker Ma Io Fong.

In his written inquiry, Ma asked about the safety of local facilities.

The bureau said all facilities recently opened to the public had been certified for safety, as it said the builders were required to submit supporting documentation.

Before the facilities were opened, third-party inspectors were commissioned to examine and submit reports. In addition, the bureau will also conduct regular checks and maintenance on these facilities to eradicate preventable safety concerns.

More importantly, the bureau has purchased third-party liability insurance for these facilities.

Replying to the lawmaker’s question about the safety of facilities in theme parks, fun fairs and MICE events, the bureau said there is a licensing system for facilities in the two former venues.

However, facilities for MICE events are not subject to this requirement.

Venues subject to the licensing system must undergo annual safety and fire inspections. A communication mechanism following accidents or incidents has also been established between the operators and the bureau.

Citing the Monetary Authority of Macao, the bureau noted third-party liability insurance is available for leisure or fun fair purposes.

The IAM has also announced that the exercise facilities beside the public washroom near the Jai Alai hotel on the Reservoir promenade are expected to be reopened near the end of October. The facilities are currently closed for reconditioning.

The bureau said the facilities are popular among users of the promenade. Due to repeated use, the facilities have become worn and require enhancements, particularly the safety mats that have seen significant wear and tear.

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