Real Estate Matters | The Rental Process For Tenants; Part 4

Juliet Risdon

This is the fourth part of the five part article about the rental process for tenants, hopefully you will have read last weeks article about the process of ‘Moving In’.

What’s special about the first week in the new apartment?

We find that during this period there are four specific phases that tenants go through

  • Matching the reality with your expectations?
  • Becoming aware of things you wouldn’t spot during a visit
  • Confirm the inventory
  • Snagging

Match reality and your expectations

Is the vision that we hold in our mind’s eye of the apartment when we last saw it consistent with the new home?

The excitement of moving in can sometimes have the shine taken off it the moment we open the door to our new place, because it does not look the same as when we were viewing it.

The previous tenants have moved out and removed their “homely and personal” touches which may have transformed the place

Another issue may be that you discover it is not as clean as you thought it would be. During the move out and vacancy period a lot of dust may have accumulated and not have been cleaned thoroughly as you would have liked.

Also without all the personal objects to draw your eye you might notice more marks and stains.

Becoming aware of things your wouldn’t spot during a visit

When you viewed your apartment did you inspect some of the hidden things that are not so obvious?

For example did you check the mattresses, look closely at the tiles in the shower to see if they are clean and free from mould or try to flush the toilet to see how well it worked?

Most people do not ‘check’ such items as they don’t wish to be impolite.

You may also be come aware of noise from other apartments which you are not used to, or smells coming from the building, drains or other people’s cooking.

Finalise the inventory & readings

During the first week you really get a chance to make sure the inventory you are signing is correct and report anything for correction.

This includes meter readings of course, and we suggest that you go through the inventory on a ‘room by room’ basis as soon as you can after moving in


If you notice marks and defects you should report them straight away to the managing agent or landlord.

This is important so that you do not get the blame for the damage. For example if the vacuum cleaner is not working, you may not know about the problem until you live there and try to use it.

If there are items missing such as cutlery, this should also be reported as missing immediately.

We hope you will join us next week to read the final part of this five part series on the process of renting for tenants – “On-going Living and Termination”.

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