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Residents slam gov’t over botched road renovations in Cotai

Macau residents have taken to social media to criticize the government’s handling of road work around the Cotai ecological reserve.

The newly constructed roads and traffic signals have been met with a wave of backlash, as drivers report increased congestion and questionable decision-making by transportation authorities.

Commuters have expressed frustration over what they describe as ineffective infrastructure changes.

“The purpose of building these roads seems unclear, as the conditions are still poor even after the repairs. The roads have been fixed, but traffic jams persist,” lamented one social media user, expressing frustration with the apparent ineffectiveness of the infrastructure changes.

Several residents went further, directly accusing the government of exacerbating traffic problems. “Facts have proven that the Transport Bureau (DSAT) is responsible for 90% of Macau’s traffic jams,” claimed one individual, while another bluntly asserted that the works had, “successfully turned a normal road into a road with traffic jams.”

Meanwhile, in a report by TDM, one driver said, “Yes, it is easy for drivers to see the traffic signs even from a distance. It is good for us to drive safely.” However, this sentiment is not widely shared on social media, where residents have been vocal in their criticism.

The addition of new traffic signals has also drawn ire, with one social media user expressing, “I honestly think adding lights is unnecessary!”

This is in contrast to the views of an interviewed driver who said, “With the traffic lights, the traffic will be fine. There used to be traffic jams when there were no traffic lights.”

A poll conducted by a local resident group found that 94% of respondents supported the removal of the newly added traffic lights, further underscoring the public’s dissatisfaction with the government’s approach.

Meanwhile, upcoming changes include the cancellation of the roundabout section on the south side of the Estr. do Dique Oeste, as well as limited openings of various road sections in the coming weeks and months. Motorists hope the project will be completed soon to alleviate the persistent traffic woes. Victoria Chan

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