Room reservations satisfactory after Shanghai promotion: MGTO

The numbers of tourist arrivals and hotel room reservations have been satisfactory since Macao Week in Shanghai, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, director of the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), announced at a press conference.
Macao Week is a promotional initiative led by the government, which includes local tourism traders. It has toured around mainland China, including stagings in several top-tier cities like Beijing. The Shanghai session was held early June.
Senna Fernandes noted that statistics on tourist arrivals and hotel room reservations were good in June and July, “although [the Covid-19 conditions in] Guangdong saw some fluctuations.”
However, she said, the rise in the number of tourists from other mainland cities, “especially those requiring a flight, […] was not bad.” She added that the length of stay for mainland tourists has been steadily increasing.
At the same time, the MGTO head stressed that the government is trying new initiatives to attract tourists to Macau. The first phase will be unveiled during the October 1 Golden Week.
“There will be two nights of a drone-mapping show during the Golden Week,” she said. She revealed that there will be three more sessions in October — in her words, a new attempt.
Senna Fernandes added that, in the future, the government will provide assistance to local business associations and chambers of commerce with their efforts to promote tourism and the culture of Macau in the Greater Bay Area. Learnings from the Macao Week promotion will be applied.
Yesterday saw the opening of Macao Week in Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan province. The government hosted a Macau Tourism and MICE Presentation Seminar and Trade Networking Session.
The seminar presented the strengths of Macau’s tourism and MICE industries and facilitated networking between industry delegates from both sides, while raising Macau’s profile as a safe and quality destination.
The MGTO representatives presented to tourism authorities, representatives of the travel and MICE trade, as well as media in Chengdu. They were also the first to introduce Macau’s latest popular tourist attractions and products such as the Macao Grand Prix Museum, Art Macao and Macao Highlight Tours. They also promoted Macao’s diverse tourism resources.
Additionally, representatives from the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute presented Macau’s advantages in the MICE sector and encouraged MICE organizers to hold events in Macau.
The seminar also featured business matching, facilitating exchange and cooperation between industry operators from Macau and Sichuan province.

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