Sands Cares celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with elderly

Sands Cares Ambassadors celebrated an early Mid-Autumn Festival with members of the public last week, hosting over 100 elderly persons with dementia and their caregivers from Lar de Cuidados “Sol Nascente” da Areia Preta for activities at The Londoner Macao.
From Tuesday through Thursday last week, groups of Sands Cares Ambassadors treated the elderly guests and their caregivers to lunch at the Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao restaurant at The Londoner Macao.
The center’s elderly residents haven’t been able to go for outings over the last few months because of the pandemic; and due to the challenges associated with dementia, some haven’t ventured out for two years.
“Caring for the elderly is a virtue that our community treasures, and it is also an important part of what we like to express [at] Sands Cares,” said Wilfred Wong, president of Sands China Ltd.

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