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Sands China co-hosts metaverse gourmet event

Sands China and Group recently co-hosted the “ Group Gourmet 2022 Global Restaurant Awards Ceremony and the First Metaverse Gourmet Event.”

The events aimed to spotlight outstanding restaurants, and promote exchange and interaction between local and overseas businesses in every sector of the tourism industry to enhance the visitor experience and accelerate tourism recovery.

Sands China said in a statement that it is “committed to enriching Macao’s tourism and leisure elements, promoting Macao as a UNESCO-designated ‘Creative City of Gastronomy’.”

At the event, Group, Shanghai Digital Exchange, Tencent, and Sands China Ltd. also released a limited number of customised NFRs on the Group platform.

Grant Chum, chief operating officer, Sands China Ltd., said: “Although the pandemic has brought an impact on the tourism industry, Sands China Ltd.’s pursuit for culinary excellence has never stopped.”

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