Sands China enhances disaster and pandemic prevention efforts

Sands China Ltd. is strengthening its disaster and pandemic prevention programme in collaboration with Macau Red Cross in light of the particularly severe typhoons that have hit Macau in recent years and the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic.
The company initiative consists of packing and distributing sanitisation and emergency typhoon response kits and offering a free community seminar on typhoon preparedness and epidemic prevention, according to a statement issued by the gaming operator.
“With typhoon season upon us, it is essential that Macau is well prepared, and it is our responsibility as a company and member of this community to help those who may need extra assistance and attention,” said Wilfred Wong, president of Sands China Ltd.
Around 800 sanitisation and emergency typhoon response kits being distributed to local households through the Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Macau until the end of July.

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