Sands China team members and community members experience the Yimeng spirit

Sands China recently invited 100 teachers and students from Escola Tong Sin Tong, students from the Bosco Youth Service Network, and Sands China team members to enjoy the original ballet “Yimeng” by the National Ballet of China. Sands China was the venue sponsor of the performance.

Yimeng refers to the Yihe River and Mengshan mountain area in Shandong province. During wartime, many women in the Yimeng area, known as “Yimeng Sisters,” gave up their lives for the cause, supported the army, and spared no effort to raise children who lost their parents during the years of war. The ballet Yimeng demonstrates an absorbing Chinese story in an elegant and eloquent presentation of Western ballet, presenting the great Yimeng spirit of “harmony and shared destiny between the Army and the people” to the audience with exquisite techniques immersed in great artistic traditions.

Chu Chi Sam, a Sands China team member who watched the performance, said: “I am thrilled to have this rare opportunity to catch the National Ballet of China’s performance in Macao after so many years, and I am truly grateful to our company for offering this chance for us to watch such a high-quality performance. I was impressed that the show combined the essence of Chinese classical dance and ballet with modern stage effects, and that was really unexpected and entertaining. Through the dance drama, you could feel the spirit of the Yimeng women who fearlessly supported the frontline soldiers during the war. Their great moral character moved me deeply.”

The venue sponsorship is part of Sands China’s ongoing efforts to support art and cultural development and the Macao SAR government’s “Tourism + Art” initiative. By giving an opportunity to team members and the younger generation to enjoy this stirring show, Sands China hopes to enhance their understanding of the nation’s history and development and reinforce their national identity, thereby enabling them to continue making contributions to support the advancement of the nation.

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