Secret ballot to decide Sou’s suspension

The Legislative Assembly (AL) will vote for the suspension of lawmaker Sulu Sou’s mandate by secret ballot. According to the AL House Rules Committee the voting will be determined by simple majority.

The committee met yesterday to discuss the AL rules which would be applicable to the decision to suspend Sou. Sou also attended this meeting.

Chairman of the committee, Kou Hoi In, noted that after the meeting the House Rules Committee will not express any controversial opinions to lawmakers and that the voting will be decided based on simple majority.

“House Rules Committee will not carry out an analysis of the case [Sou’s], as it is not within our work. […] Regarding whether suspending a lawmakers’ mandate, the right to do so lies with the AL,” said Kou.

According to Kou, before November 20, the committee will deliver a report to the AL chairman providing suggestions on which AL rules should be applied regarding Sou’s suspension.

On the effect and duration of Sou’s suspension, Kou clarified that “the suspension is not forever, it is only temporary.”

“During the suspension, he still holds his rights as a lawmaker, but he cannot exercise his position. He can attend the AL plenary meeting, but he cannot discuss, nor can he express opinions,” explained Kou.

After the meeting, Sou confirmed that he had been given the opportunity to clarify his case and defend himself.

“What started the behavior? My behavior aimed at protecting the public interest. [The reason behind the behavior] is the same as [the reason behind] expressing freedom. It was not a behavior taking advantage of the rights as a lawmaker or aiming at corruption,” said Sou. JZ

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