Seeking justice at the AL

An anonymous woman was the focus of all attention during yesterday’s recess at the Legislative Assembly (AL) session attended by the Chief Executive.

Emerging from the seats in the legislature reserved for the public, the woman stood in the corridor by the main door and, holding an envelope allegedly with documents that prove her case, she called for the assistance of the lawmakers in executing justice.

According to her own account, she had been fired without reasonable cause from her job and the company for which she used to work failed to compensate her.

The woman said that she took her case to the Labor Affairs Bureau but that she was not heard or helped. Finally, in an act of desperation, she decided to bring the case public at the AL.

After conversing for several minutes with AL staff, who were desperately trying to convince her to leave, the woman was finally persuaded to exit the plenary room by the intervention of lawmakers Leong Sun Iok and Ella Lei, who promised to hear about her case after the session.

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