Senior politicians attend Lei Pang Chu memorial service

Senior local politicians, including Chief Executive Chui Sai On, Secretary for Administration and Justice Florinda Chan, and the President of the Legislative Assembly Ho Iat Seng, attended yesterday’s memorial service for Lei Pang Chu, vice-president of the Macau Daily News (also known as “OuMun”).
In his memorial speech, Ho Iat Seng said that Lei Pang Chu had lived an outstanding life and contributed a lot to society. Outside the service, Florinda Chan told TDM that Mr Lei was a kind person and was willing to provide guidance to others.
In a letter sent to Mr Lei’s family, Chui Sai On said that he had been a friend and a true inspiration. “Lei Pang Chu was an extraordinary media employee who contributed to the establishment of the Macau Daily News in the 1950s,” the letter reads. The Chief Executive added that Lei Pang Chu made every effort to “promote the media of Macau,” providing Macau’s population with an opportunity to voice their opinions, supervising the government and helping to further young journalists’ careers.
Lei Pang Chu was one of Ou Mun’s founders, having worked as a journalist, sub-editor, editor-at-
large, and editor-in-chief.

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