Shenzhen | Drunk driver said he had perfume, not alcohol

mainland man recently caught drunk-driving in Shenzhen told a traffic police officer that he had drunk a bottle of perfume instead of admitting to having consumed alcohol.

The Shenzhen police officer caught the man, surnamed Cai, and tested him positive for a blood-alcohol value exceeding the legal limit. However, Cai insisted that he had not been drinking alcohol. Instead, he said that he had drunk half a bottle of perfume.

The drink-driver continued his narrative with the police officer, saying that he had been at a party with his friends, where they had played a game. As a punishment for losing the game, he had to drink perfume.

In total, he said he drank 75 ml of perfume. He also said that, after drinking the perfume, he drank an ample amount of water.

The Shenzhen police officer then discovered that the man had had his driving license canceled in 2018 due to drink-driving, and that he therefore had been driving without a license.

The man was fined a total of RMB4,000, and punished with an administrative detention period of 15 days. JZ

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