German Ku

Singer expresses faith local talent will continue to gain recognition amid gov’t support

Champion of the “Midlife, Sing & Shine! 2” competition, German Ku

German Ku, a Macanese singer, has last weekend achieved great success by winning the “Midlife, Sing & Shine! 2” competition in Hong Kong. This victory has ignited his passion to promote and elevate local musical talent in his hometown of Macau. In an interview with the Times, Ku shared his personal journey and expressed his hopes for the future of Macau’s music scene.

Ku’s love for singing was inspired by the legendary Hong Kong icon, Anita Mui, from a young age. Although he was initially shy, Ku gradually gained confidence by performing locally during his late teenage years. Over the past decade, he has garnered valuable experience through numerous performances in Macau.

One of the key factors contributing to Ku’s success has been the support he has received from organizations such as the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and the local community.

“Most of my performances have been arranged through MGTO and other government departments. They have given local talent like myself many opportunities to perform at openings and closings of events,” Ku told the Times.

The government’s backing has provided him with opportunities to produce his own music and perform at prestigious events in Macau. However, winning the competition in Hong Kong this year, with the song “Feeling Good”, has been his most significant achievement to date.

Through this remarkable accomplishment, Ku aspires to bring greater attention to the abundance of musical talent present in Macau.

When asked about government support for the arts, Ku expressed his gratitude for regular bookings and high-profile performances. Nevertheless, he dreams of a future where Macau-based musicians can hold their own headline concerts in the city’s venues.

“I believe the support is growing and, in the future [and] besides just performing in Macau, we’ll start holding our own concerts here,” Ku said.

“People will realize that Macau singers can headline and open shows at venues like Studio City Arena. Being able to do that in Macau is one of my dreams. So the government is providing opportunities, and I have faith that local talent will continue to gain recognition,” he added.

With the existing platforms and foundations in place, Ku remains optimistic that continued recognition of homegrown talent will follow as opportunities expand in the coming years.

Although establishing Macau’s arts scene has presented challenges in the past, Ku takes pride in his contributions.

“Macau is a very small market as a singer. Through all these years, Macau artists have fought hard to establish the Macau music industry. I’m glad I was part of it,” he said.

With increased support from the local community, Ku dreams of fostering a thriving music industry in Macau that empowers hometown stars.

After months of performances in the “Midlife, Sing & Shine! 2” competition, Ku, also known as Germano Guilherme, emerged victorious as the winner of this popular singing reality television series hosted by Hong Kong’s TVB. Throughout the competition, Ku received unwavering support from his loyal fan base, particularly among the Macanese community, which has been a source of immense pride for both Ku and Macau.

“It’s a competition so there is a lot of pressure, both from the other contestants who are really powerful, and the pressures around you. Even though it was really hard, I did enjoy my moments during the eight months with all the colleagues,” Ku recalled.

Meanwhile, Valentina Oane Marques, a fellow Macanese supporter who has been avidly following Ku’s journey since the show’s inception, expressed her admiration for his hard work and growth throughout the competition. She described Ku’s triumph in the final as a “momentous occasion for Macau and its people.” Staff Reporter

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