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SJM launches program promoting Macau brands

SJM Resorts has recently unveiled the “SJM SME Cooperation Programme,” an initiative that promotes Macau’s home-grown brands. 

This month, the group launched the “Made in Macau,” a shopping area located at Grand Lisboa Palace, with the aim of becoming a “launchpad for local SMEs to tap into the city’s tourism economy.” 

Daisy Ho, chairman of the Board of Directors of SJM, remarked, “Rooted in Macau,

SJM is the epitome of a ‘Made in Macau’ brand. Therefore, it is near and dear to us, that we go the distance beyond civic duties to champion for fellow local enterprises.”

SJM has also partnered with Fuhong Society of Macau to create the “Happy Gift” pop up in the “Made in Macau” shopping area – a creative platform for artisans with disabilities. 

All proceeds from product sales will be donated to Fuhong Society of Macau and go toward funding art and cultural projects for the disabled.

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