Summer detox 

This summer, Banyan Tree Spa Macau  presents “Green Detox” spa treatment. The relaxing journey aims to help release tension and stress, enabling the body and mind to return to tranquility. It is also a part of the healing wellness journey that is an integration of sustainable personal development practices that help us find balance. 

Through the experience, Banyan Tree Spa Macau leads one into a peaceful state of mind to restore inner strength and power. It begins with a Matcha and Coconut Body Scrub that gently draws the impurities from the skin, followed by the nourishing Honey Avocado Body Wrap that sooth every inch of the body, preparing one for the detox massage ahead. Completing the treatment, the Restorative Detox massage features a soft and delicate pressure massage around the lymph nodes to further bolster immune system.  IS

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