Supermarket fire outbreak forces evacuation of 30 people

A severe fire broke out at a Vang Kei Supermarket located on the Av. do Ouvidor Arriaga, at a junction with R. do Padre Antonio Roliz, at 2 a.m. yesterday.
The windows of the supermarket melted completely during the fire, with only their frames remaining afterwards.
The Fire Services Bureau (CB) used two jets to extinguish the fire. During the fire fighters’ operation, hazardous items were removed from the scene. The fire spread across an area of 10m by 20m around the vicinity of the supermarket.
According to the CB, the fire spread quickly due to the fact that the supermarket had an abundance of flammable goods.
In total, the CB deployed eight ambulances and 33 fire fighters to rescue operations, which were carried out smoothly.
One person felt discomfort after inhaling smoke, and was sent to Conde S. Januário Hospital for further medical assistance. Approximately 30 residents near the location left their buildings on their own initiative.
According to the CB, the fire might have been caused by a mechanical failure in one of the supermarket’s fridges.
The owner of the supermarket and Chairman of the Board of Vang Kei Hong, surnamed Yip, felt fortunate that nobody was injured during the accident.
Yip said that, at the current stage, he could not assess the losses resulting from the fire.

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