Survey: Consumer satisfaction in Q4 2020 rebounds by 25.39%

The latest results of the Macau Consumer Satisfaction Index show that local consumers’ confidence overall rebounded by 25.39% in the fourth quarter of last year compared to the previous quarter, according to a statement released by the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST).
Compared with the previous quarter, all the six sub-indices included in the survey calculation rose.
In the index, 100 points marks a high level of confidence. The institute interviewed 830 Macau residents who are aged 18 and above.
Among them, the “local economy” sub-index rose the most, at 85.21 points this quarter, an increase of 40.46% from the previous quarter. The “local economy” sub-index fell the most in the third quarter.
Another increase was recorded for the sub-index of “employment,” at 82.34 points, a 37.39% rise compared to the previous quarter. In the third quarter, this sub-index reached its lowest level since the first Macau Consumer Satisfaction Index in 2008 at 62.3 points.
The sub-index of “property purchase” recorded 88.72 points, an increase of 38.03% from the previous quarter, while the sub-index of “investment in stocks” was 93.23 points, an increase of 17.31% from the previous quarter.
The other two sub-indexes which also showed better performance compared to the previous quarter were “price level” and “living standards,” which were up by 26.71% and 3.74% respectively.
Compared to Macau, mainland consumers’ confidence grew by 2.5% in the fourth quarter of 2020.
In summary, overall consumer confidence of Macau in the fourth quarter of 2020 maintained the upward trend of the previous quarter.
“In the fourth quarter, the Macau Consumers’ Satisfaction Index ended the previous three quarters’ downward trend, and the confidence is rebounding at an obvious speed,” the research team said.

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