Survey finds Labor Day brought more people than business

A survey conducted by the Economic Bureau (DSE) has revealed that although the May 1 (Labor Day) holiday period brought more visitors to local businesses, they did not necessarily spend more. The survey interviewed a total of 1,562 commercial establishments.

The conclusion can be reached from analysis of the survey results, published by the DSE, in which 48% of the respondents  found that their business remained the same this year, despite the sharp increase in the number of visitors.

Some 37% of those surveyed noted their business had registered growth, which according to the DSE report, was by an average of 27%. Meanwhile, 15% of the respondents recorded a decline to their business.

Greater consensus was found in how the survey respondents viewed the number of visitors. Some 45% of those surveyed agreed that there were more people this year, followed by another 42% that said the number was similar to previous years. Only 13% contradicted the general tendency saying that they felt that was a reduction in the number of visitors to their business.

Official data shows visitor arrivals increased 37% year- on-year during the Labor Day holiday weekend this year.

According to the report from the DSE, the sites surveyed included the northern district, the area of Avenida de Horta e Costa, the central area, Rua da Praia do Manduco, ZAPE, Taipa, and hotels and shops located in Cotai.
The Bureau noted that businesses in the food and beverage, retail, clothing and shoes, cosmetic and hygiene products, leather goods, electronic products, and jewelry sectors registered the highest positive responses.

The Times previously reported that per-capita spending declined 11% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2018, led by a fall in the spending of same-day visitors, even as the quarter saw a 13.8 percent increase in the number of visitors.

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