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Sustainable object of desire

Veuve Clicquot has left its mark on the world for the past 250 years. Its culture of design and innovation began with Madame Clicquot, who was known as “La Grande Dame de la Champagne.” Creative and daring, Madame Clicquot revolutionised the world of champagne by inventing the first vintage in 1810, the first riddling table in 1816, and the first known blended rosé champagne in history, in 1818. She was convinced that the look was as important as the taste, saying: “Our wines must flatter both the palate and the eye.” 

Contributing to the design of the champagne bottle as we know it today, Madame Clicquot was driven by a desire to combine aesthetics and functionality. The House has preserved this cultural heritage and remains a pioneer in the design of exceptional objects and giftboxes. 

In celebration of this heritage, Veuve Clicquot unveils “THE ICONS,” a series of the House’s most emblematic objects, each of which tells a part of Veuve Clicquot’s story. Based on the House belief that highly functional packaging can be transformed into a unique, desirable object as an integral part of our art de vivre, these new products pay tribute to the House’s love for beautiful and functional objects., re-edited with sustainability in mind.

Launched in 2004, the “Ice Jacket” embodied the perfect balance between design, innovation, and haute couture. Inspired by diver’s wetsuits, it is a functional and fashionable pouch that keeps your champagne chilled, wherever, whenever. 

The new version has now been redesigned to maintain its isotherm dimension, without any use of Neoprene material, and is now composed of 100% recycled plastic.

Keeping champagne chilled for up to 60 minutes, this new Ice Jacket has been designed to last and be reused. It is circular but also recyclable as a textile. The Veuve Clicquot Fridge is an audacious chill box inspired by the refrigerators of the 1950s. In Veuve Clicquot’s iconic, solaire yellow, it embodies the House’s creative spirit and its ability to reinvent everyday objects, transforming them into objects of desire.

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