TASTE OF EDESIA | Intimate dining 

Chef de Cuisine Jesse Zhao and his team take guests on an unsurpassed 5-course culinary journey as a part of the newly unveiled Chef’s Table Dining Series, available every second and fourth Wednesday of each month starting from this month.
The Chef’s Table’s menu spotlights one specific theme at a time. Guests embark on a mystery dining experience with no prior knowledge of the menu and progression. This month’s theme is “Seafood Inspiration’’, inspired by the diverse range of seafood and fruits found in local markets. The menu incorporates both locally sourced and imported ingredients while preserving the authenticity of the French flavour. The dinner is guided by Chef Jesse. An exclusive interactive Apron Session allows guests to participate and have fun. In August, the second round of Chef’s Table will transport guests to a vegetarian celebration by the name of “Summer Green and Fruits”, allowing guests to enjoy quality vegan dishes, while September’s theme pivots to “French Cheeses.”

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