TASTE OF EDESIA | Summer explorations 

Journey to the Mediterranean Sea dinner buffet at Urban Kitchen highlights different ethnic flavors. Focusing on the dynamic gastronomies of the intercontinental sea, the culinary team features two highlighted dishes every month, as well as rotational dishes every two weeks. Guests are also invited to savour the exotic spread with the new peach and orange flavoured mocktail that provides relief from the summer heat, and evokes the imagery of the sunrise on the gorgeous Mediterranean coast.
The “Mediterranean Cruise” kicks off in this month, with the first route transporting guests to Portugal, Spain and Southern France under the theme of a Journey to Coastal Cities. The culinary team specially sourced the “True Born” beef from Portugal for the Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks with Port Wine, and Grilled Skirt Steak served with Flatbread as well as the Grilled Flat Iron Steak with Salsa Verde and more. The beef is cultivated with no growth hormones or antibiotics, and the cattle is grain fed to achieve excellent tenderness and marbling in addition to lowered saturated fat levels. While “True Born Beef” takes centre stage, the month’s highlighted dishes also feature varieties seafood-focused: rich and nutritious Bouillabaisse Fish Stew with Rouille from Marseille, France, and Paella with Lobster and Crab which is an authentic tribute to the Valencians of Spain, where one uses seafood instead of meat and beans to make paella. The lobster and crab are served in the shell atop piping hot rice.
August’s Dinner Buffet further the cruise journey to an Ionian Sea Adventure, with gourmet delights from Italy and Greece. Available daily, the Star Dishes of the Month are Osso Bucco with Gremolata and Lobster Pasta in Sea Urchin Sauce, a duo that encapsulates the theme. Osso Bucco is a specialty of Italian Lombard cuisine, made with cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth. While Osso Bucco is meat-focused, the other star dish of Lobster Pasta with Sea Urchin Sauce features the luxurious taste with jewels of the sea. Another tribute to Italian cuisine is the Mediterranean Whole Fish en Papillote, which features the seasonal catch and baked with bright fruits and herbs in a folded parchment parcel to capture the umami flavour.
September spotlights an Arabian Cultural Exploration, introducing ingredients such as aubergines, lemons, saffron, and pine nuts. The highlighted dishes of September are: Turkish Chicken Kebabs, and Moroccan Beef and Prune Tagine with Couscous. The former showcases the beautifully caramelised layers of chicken, while the latter is cooked with traditional Middle East tagine. 

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