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From left to right: Barley risotto beetroot, Hokkaido scallops, wild rocket, feta and burrata cheese, Calvisius Oscietra Royal caviar and The Canary Island aquanaria sea bass with Kalamata olive, Japanese cherry tomato and quinoa, Paimpol coco bean, Verm

Cooking with sustainable produce is a significant game changer in today’s world. The Manor’s Executive Sous Chef Michele Dell’Aquila has raised his game by collaborating with sustainable food producers, utilising seasonal ingredients to design a menu that not only tantalises the taste buds but is also environmentally friendly.
“I believe that chefs can play a vital role in reconnecting people with the environment. It is our duty to promote the products that best reflect a smarter and more sustainable relationship with the planet,” he says.
The six-course sustainable menu includes True Born Tenderloin Tartare, crème fraiche and Calvisius Siberian caviar, True Born Tomahawk with Maitake mushroom, smoked potato foam and port wine sauce and True Born Sirloin with beluga lentil, green pea, pumpkin, foie gras and beef jus. The beef originates from Monte do Pasto, in the sunniest plains of Portugal. Open-air breeding, animal welfare, a perfect blend of the best European breeds, cut design, maturation and deep freezing are the secrets to this tasty, tender and nutritious beef.
The Canary Island Aquanaria Seabass with Kalamata olives, Japanese cherry tomato, quinoa, Paimpol coco bean and Vermentino emulsion is the true definition of haute cuisine. The award-winning seabass breeds in the deep and oxygenated waters of the Atlantic sea with constant temperatures all year round and are fed with whole fishes from a sustainable fishery, monitored and certified by the Marine Trust. Chef Michele uses a variety of cooking techniques to maximise flavours, including searing, smoking and the gentle sous-vide method that slowly cooks the fish in a vacuum over a longer time to preserve the delicate texture of the fish.

Zolfini bean spinach, mushroom, black truffle ravioli

Calvisius Oscietra Royal Caviar crowns the barley risotto with Hokkaido scallops and burrata cheese. Calvisius caviar originates from Calvisano, Italy’s northern region of Lombardy where the sturgeons live in the purest fresh spring water from local rivers and are given an all organic feed which reproduces the types of algae that live in their natural habitat.  The bold caviar finishes with a clean, pure unabashed flavour.
Zolfini Bean, also known as the Fagiolo del Centro “the bean of the hundred” is aptly named for its traditional sowing on the 100th day of the year. They have long been cultivated between the Arno River and Pratomagno mountains at altitudes as high as 600 meters. This scarce delicacy is dressed with spinach, mushroom and black truffle ravioli.
For the finale, Glenilen’ Yogurt Pannacotta with apricot, peach, wild berry and clotted ice cream features cream from Glenilen Farm. The small dairy farm resting on the banks of the River Ilen in Ireland has been around for generations. The lush hills offer its cows a rich and plentiful supply of nutritious grass which in turn supply the rich tasty milk free of artificial additives or preservatives.

True born beef

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