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Tastes of Japan 

This spring season, MGM offers an exclusive taste of Japan for all gastronomic enthusiasts. The collaborations at MGM MACAU features delights from Tokyo’s acclaimed Edomae sushi house Hakkoku, and Hakata’s renowned tonkotsu ramen from Hide-Chan in Kyushu.

Hiroyuki Sato, the owner and sushi master of one of Tokyo’s most sought-after Edomae sushi house, Hakkoku, was here in Macau two weeks ago at MGM, joining forces with his protégé, Manato Ueno, Chef de Cuisine of SUSHIDAN at Rossio, for a limited omakase pop-up experience. Decked out in hinoki (Japanese cypress) tabletop and wall linings in the fashion of traditional sushi houses, the interior of SUSHIDAN is juxtaposed with a contemporary design of stone wall and sleek marble countertop adjacent to the mere 11 seats available. This is the playground where Chef Manato and Chef Sato showcased the art of perfecting balance among traditions, taste and visual appetite through honed craftsmanship, from fish-aging and curing techniques, selecting appropriate grains of rice through the seasons, to curating formula of vinegar to best complement the rice and fish.

As one of the youngest sushi chefs to have garnered a Michelin star in Japan, Chef Sato expanded his culinary vision in 2018 and 2020 by opening his own Edomae sushi restaurants Hakkoku and SUSHIDAN respectively in Tokyo. And In 2022, he opened the first overseas branch of SUSHIDAN, known as SUSHIDAN at Rossio in MGM MACAU.

Sato is known for his signature Akazu seasoned Shari (sushi rice), which is blended with different types of aged red vinegars that complement the umami of the top-quality seasonal Neta (seafood topping). Chef Sato’s finest craftsmanship of Edomae sushi is also reflected in his fish-aging and curing skills that elicit the distinctive flavor of every piece of sushi with the perfect balance. MDT was especially impressed with the exquisite Tuna Hand Roll and Chawanmushi. 

If one has missed the sushi experience, there is also a ramen experience at Rossio to try before April 7th. The Michelin Bib Gourmand recommended Hide-Chan Ramen from Fukuoka of Kyushu makes its first debut in Macau, with founder Hideto Kawahara presenting his signature tonkotsu pork bone ramen which have captivated Japan and the world.

Born into a family of the top three ramen restaurants in Kyushu, for over 30 years, Kawahara-san has been upholding the traditional craftsmanship as a ramen artisan and injecting innovations. Hide-Chan’s broth is meticulously prepared by simmering over 40 kg of pork bones from the collagen-rich rear leg cuts for at least 10 hours daily with utmost precision, with strict control on acid-alkaline balance and purification. Its secret recipe and pursuit of perfection sets off a new wave of Kyushu’s tonkotsu ramen with ultimate flavor fusion. In addition to its signature ramen options, Chef Kawahara also presents an exclusive ramen for the first time at Macau’s pop-up.

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