Telecom steps into Macau Digital 2.0 with new cloud

Local telecom CTM yesterday launched its new cloud technology, leaping forward into a new era for local smart application solutions, named “Macau Digital 2.0.”

At the launching ceremony event, held yesterday afternoon at the Ritz-Carlton Macau, the company’s vice president of commercial said, “the new CTM Cloud is an important component of ‘Digital Macau 2.0.’ Powered by Tencent Cloud, the new CTM Cloud can support different smart application solutions more flexibly and efficiently for local businesses and residents.”

Created in collaboration with Tencent International Business Group, a Chinese multinational Internet-based platform company, the new CTM Cloud comes as a result of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with CTM at the end of last year to bring the company’s cloud technology to Macau.

“Today, we are pleased to announce the official deployment of the technology in support of CTM’s new CTM Cloud service. With geographical advantages enabled by CTM’s Macau-wide telecom network, the public cloud facility powered by Tencent Cloud is the ideal solution for enterprises in need of cloud application services in the city,” said the general manager of Tencent, Norman Tam.

In a bid to accelerate the development of smart applications, CTM also partnered with the Chinese information technology service provider, Neusoft Group to facilitate the development and adaptation of such smart application services to local businesses and enterprises, signing another MoU for such a purpose at the same event.

After the CTM Cloud launching ceremony, a seminar was held in which several people involved in the use of cloud services, as well as other professionals from the sector, shared their experiences and insights on the paths to be followed for the development of cloud applications.

The Cloud is part of the company’s strategy to continue to invest resources, improve the network infrastructure and continue to introduce new and advanced technologies to “turn Macau into a leading smart city within the region.”

The company noted that, besides adding efficiency to the work of service providers, both private and governmental, smart city technologies could facilitate and add convenience to a wide range of services used by all citizens.

After having performed a 5G-network test last year, in May this year CTM made the first 5G call in Macau when introducing the new technology applications to the Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Raimundo do Rosário.

At that time, the telecom provider announced its intention of bringing the 5G network to commercial use during 2020, paving the path to the introduction of more 5G smart applications and services.

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