Tender for design and construction of the fourth bridge launched

The public tender for the design project and construction of the fourth road-link bridge between the Peninsula and Taipa Island was launched yesterday by the Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) with the publication of a notice in the Official Gazette.
This is the second phase of tender in which only seven pre-selected bidders chosen after a first phase of selection are allowed to participate.

According to the published announcement, the time for the design and construction works to be contracted is 1,140 days in total and bidders can submit their proposal until February 27, 2019.

The announcement of the tender establishes a total of seven intermediate targets for various works, each with a defined deadline. For instance, the time for the completion of the first stake has a deadline of 250 working days while deadline for the completion and delivery of drawings and documents related to the execution project will have a limit of 450 working days.

The last of these intermediate goals establishes a limit of 1,225 working days for completion of all structures of the main bridge, including all the foundations, structures and main deck.

According to information previously made available by the GDI, the fourth bridge, to rise on the eastern side of the territory, will link Zone A of the new landfills and the artificial island of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge (HKZMB) to the “E1” land plot of new landfills in the Pac On area at the side of the headquarters of the Immigration Services, in Taipa in a “Y” system, giving it some resemblance to the HKZMB.
The main section of this bridge is estimated to have a length of 3.1 kilometers and a total of eight road lanes (four in each direction) which includes two central lanes dedicated to the circulation of two-wheel vehicles.

Additionally, according to details published by the GDI, this structure will include wind protection barriers that will be installed within the main body of the bridge to reduce the wind speed at the bridge deck, theoretically allowing safer use in the case of hoisting typhoon signal No 8.

The Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Raimundo do Rosário, revealed yesterday that the fourth bridge will not be used for the LRT project.  RM

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