Thai man arrested for flashing in public

A 29-year-old Thai national was arrested by the Public Security Police Force (PSP) for flashing passers-by on the streets of Macau.

The man told police that he was working as a security guard at a casino and was a holder of a Macau permanent resident identity card. He was charged with exhibitionist activities.

The incidents took place near Estrada de Adolfo Loureiro. At about 5 p.m. on September 12, the PSP began receiving reports from both citizens and an off-duty police officer that a man in long trousers was showing his genitals to female students who were in their school uniforms.

According to police information, whenever female students passed by, the man would unzip his trousers and exhibit his genitals. The off-duty police officer monitored the entire event.

By the time PSP officers arrived at the scene, their off-duty colleague had stopped the man.

Police found the man carrying several tablets, which he claimed was medication for his sexual dysfunction. He had suffered the condition for three months, and the medicines were prescriptions from Kiang Wu Hospital and a medical facility in Thailand. He claimed he was flashing his latest victims because he was “interested” in them. AL

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