The Buzz | China’s FDI inflow up 19.6% in first 9 months

Foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Chinese mainland, in actual use, rose 19.6% year on year in the first nine months of the year, the Ministry of Commerce said yesterday.
During the Jan.-Sept. period, non-financial FDI into the country totaled 859.5 billion yuan. In U.S. dollar terms, FDI into the Chinese mainland totaled 129.3 billion U.S. dollars, up 25.2% year on year.
FDI into the service sector increased 22.5% in yuan terms, while high-tech industries saw FDI inflow jumping 29.1% year on year, data from the ministry showed.
Foreign investments from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and countries along the Belt and Road into the Chinese mainland jumped 31.4% and 31.9 percent, respectively.

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