Three new agreements bolster Shenzhen-Macau cooperation

Chui Sai On and Chen Rugui witness the signing of an agreement on legal cooperation

The anual Shenzhen- Macau Cooperation Conference 2019 was held yesterday at the Government Headquarters. The two sides signed a total of three agreements regarding issues such as legal cooperation; internship and employment in Shenzhen for Macau young people; and cooperation on cultural and creative industries.

A Shenzhen Government delegation led by the Mayor of Shenzhen, Chen Rugui, attended the meeting. During the meeting, the Secretary of Economy and Finance, Lionel Leong, and Vice Mayor of Shenzhen, Ai Xuefeng, reviewed progress of major initiatives implemented in recent years.

Chen Rugui stated that Macau and Shenzhen retained a close and long-standing relationship regarding cooperation via a number of mechanisms, including the Shenzhen-Macau Cooperation Conference.

Lionel Leong pointed out that Shenzhen played an important role for the country in terms of leading innovation on regulations and laws. Having an agreement covering legal cooperation between the two cities would help Macau better prepare its legal system to help promote greater frequency of movement of people, goods, capital and information within the Greater Bay Area.

Chen told reporters that the Greater Bay Area initiative created fresh opportunities for Shenzhen-Macau cooperation. He hoped the two governments would work more closely in order to integrate different mechanisms for supervision of services, promote closer cooperation on legal affairs,extend to Shenzhen the internationalized commercial services offered by Macau and promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the two places.

The Shenzhen-Macau Cooperation Conference was established in 2006.

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