Three non-residents arrested for drug-related crimes


Three non-residents from the Philippines were arrested on Monday night (July 12) on allegations of drug use and trafficking, according to the Judiciary Police (PJ). Two were non-resident workers and one was unemployed.
Based on intelligence gathered from previous cases, the police learned of drug consumption at the Praça Ponte Horta area. They were deployed to the location to apprehend the man involved.
The man works as a hotel employee and was found with 0.21g of methamphetamine. The suspect admitted to drug use and said that he bought the drugs from another person for MOP2,000.
“Subsequently, the police intercepted the suspected drug seller in the San Kio area. He was found with a package of 4.86g of methamphetamine and his residence was found to contain multiple containers for drug use, miniature electronic scales, and plastic bags for packaging. The woman involved in the case, who worked as a domestic helper, was also at the residence,” the PJ said.
The male suspect admitted to selling the drugs for MOP2,000 per package.
Another suspect, who is a woman, refused to cooperate with the police. The police said they did not rule out her cooperation with the man involved in the drug sale.
The PJ said that they discovered five packets of methamphetamine weighing 5.07g collectively and valued at MOP15,000 during the operation.
The police are investigating the source of the drugs and whether the suspects were involved in other drug-related cases.
According to the PJ, they will be charged with drug use, and the second and third suspects will also be charged with drug trafficking and improper possession. They will be transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office for follow-up. Staff Reporter

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