Tourism | Visitor daily arrivals surpass 28,000

Visitor arrivals to Macau between September 10 to 16 reached a total of 201,891, according to data from Macao Government Tourism Office.
The average daily visitor volume was 28,842, an increase by 19.9% compared to the average daily visitor arrivals (24,050) in the previous week. The average daily arrivals surged by 118.5% compared to August.
In terms of local hotel occupancy, the average hotel occupancy rate between September 10 to 16 reached 51.6%, a rise of 5.4 percentage points compared to the previous week of September 3 to 9 (46.2%) and a considerable increase of 26.5 percentage points compared with that of August.
With a significant increase from August, the tourism authorities are predicting 35,000 tourist arrivals in the upcoming Golden Week – a busy month for the city’s tourism sector given China’s seven-day national holiday.
Last year, the city welcomed 156,000 visitors during the National Day Golden Week holiday – a number that signified a post-Covid rebound despite the massive plunge of 86% compared to the year prior.
Of this figure, 145,000 visitors came from the mainland, while the rest came from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Currently, only entrants from the mainland are not required to undergo quarantine. Visitors from Hong Kong and Taiwan are mandated to undergo a 14-day quarantine in a designated medical observation site.
Ctrip, one of China’s biggest online travel platform, previously issued a report noting that Macau had been an appealing destination for “young travellers with high spending power.”
The firm issued a report on booking trends for local travel products that covers the first half of the year. It said people born in the period between the 1990s to early 2000s occupied 30% of Ctrip’s customers that booked Macau hotels in the first half of this year.
According to the travel company giant, there was an increase in the number of bookings for Macau-related tourism products since the region eased entry requirements for travelers from the mainland.
Last year, Qunar, one of mainland China’s major online travel agencies, reportedly revealed that bookings for Macau hotels for the first day of this National Day Holiday have exceeded those last year for the same day.
On October 2 last year, state-owned media channel CCTV2 Finance titled one of its reports with the headline “Macau becomes a popular tourism destination.” CCTV2 Finance said that “during the long holiday, Macau has become a hot tourism destination, with bookings for Macau hotels rocketing” amid the National Day Holiday.

34,000 cross-border movements on first day of festive holiday

On the first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in the mainland, there were about 34,000 tourists moving across the city’s ports, according to data from the Public Security Police.
There were more than 18,000 inbound and outbound travelers using the Border Gate, while 2,706 inbound and outbound passengers through the Qingmao Port.
The Qingmao Port, located just a few hundred meters from the Border Gate Port, opened to the public on September 8 following the conclusion of the construction after approximately three years.


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