Two men in their 50s die by suicide

Two men in their fifties have reportedly died by suicide in Macau just a few hours apart. The cases, as reported by the Judiciary Police (PJ), appear unrelated.

In the first case, a 51-year-old male was found dead in the bathroom of a hotel room in downtown Macau.

According to the PJ the man was a resident from the mainland.

In the second case, reported yesterday morning, a 52-year-old male resident of Macau was found dead at his home.

According to the PJ, which deployed investigators to the scene after the body was found by members of the Fire Services Bureau, the man was last seen by family members around May 21 and no one reported knowing of any problems which might have contributed to his death.

In both cases, the PJ said there were no suspicions of criminal activity, with suicide suspected. The causes of death for both men will be confirmed later through forensic examinations.

This is the third suicide the PJ has reported this week.

The Social Welfare Bureau encourages residents to be conscious of their psychological and emotional state as well as those of their relatives and friends. If in need of support, residents can call Caritas’ Life Hope hotline (28525222) or IAS’ counseling hotline (28261126).

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