Two security officers sentenced to jail for bribery

The Court of Second Instance (TSI) has handed down a jail sentence to a former officer from the customs authority and an officer from the prison authority for bribery.

The two officers were involved in a bribery case which was registered in 2015.

In that year, a gambler carrying large quantities of cash when entering Macau through the Lotus Frontier was spotted by the Macao Customs Authority. The gambler was with another person who actively engaged in activities inside Macau’s casinos.

When the gambler was detained, the companion contacted a prison warden who then contacted the customs inspector involved in the case in order to release the detainee. The customs inspector eventually released the gambler.

In 2017, a court ruled that the customs officer was not guilty, whereas the warden was sentenced to four months in jail.

The Prosecution Authority appealed to TSI. On July 15, TSI ruled for the prosecution in the case, finding the customs officer guilty, having sentenced him to two years in jail, and increased the sentence for the prison warden to one year.

Both the customs authority and the correctional bureau are following the disciplinary procedures related to this case.

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