Typhoon Kompasu | Gov’t issues alert for ‘severe tropical storm’

The Unitary Police Service calls on the public to take precautions against typhoon and flooding following the weather bureau’s announcement that the severe tropical storm “Kompasu” will enter the alert area of Macau around midnight today.

Winds are expected to intensify sustainably and further affect the region.

Depending on the actual situation, the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) said that the corresponding tropical cyclone signal will be issued directly then or the tropical cyclone signal will be issued to replace the strong monsoon signal due to the northeast monsoon.

It is forecasted that  Kompasu will intensify tomorrow and on Wednesday and move across the northern part of the South China Sea quickly.

“It will come closest to Macau in the early morning on Wednesday, around 400km south to Macau, and move in the general direction to Hainan,” the statement read.

Winds will intensify significantly, with a possibility to reach the wind force level 8, as well as thunderstorms.

Flooding around 0.5m is also expected in the low-lying areas in the next two days.

Hong Kong has already issued a Strong Monsoon Signal at 4 p.m. today.

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