Unregistered Macau Pass holders to pay full fare from Dec. 11

From December 11, individuals using an unregistered Macau Pass (MP) bus card will pay the full fare of MOP6 per ride, the Transport Bureau has announced.
To facilitate more efficient contact tracing of Covid-19 cases, the government has collaborated with Macau Pass and the two local bus companies, TRANSMAC and TCM, to implement a “bus rider real name registration scheme.” Those who register their cards will continue to receive a fare discount of MOP3.
Registration of bus cards opens this Saturday, November 27, at 10 a.m. To register, users must sign up online, and provide their Macau Pass number, name and phone number. They will then receive a confirmation message, and can then activate their card at any of Macau’s 130 card-tapping points, including those located at the bureau’s service area, public car parks, MP customer service centers, public bus terminals, nucleic acid test stations and the six gaming operators.
Residents with senior citizen passes, disability passes, student passes, auto-top-up cards, e-consumption cards, and MPay users do not need to register as their details are already in the system. A single phone number can be used to register up to three cards.
The bureau will eventually implement a system to track those who pay with cash or use unregistered passes so as to better trace passengers’ travel history.
Passengers who fail to register and activate their cards by December 11 will have to pay the full fare for rides until their cards are fully registered and activated. Staff reporter

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