Taste of Edesia

Urban Paradise

There are not many local retail stores in Macau where you can sip a cup of tea, relax, and take your sweet time to choose your products. Even in big department stores where luxury branded items are offered, the space is often too busy and it’s almost never possible to rest your mind. Taken this into consideration, serial entrepreneur and lifestyle expert Mickey Lo opened Toff Home, a shop where an exception ambience is created for customers to wind down while shopping. 

“Modern life is very hectic and I feel like there is a lot of anxiety in the air of our city. So late last year I decided to create a brand that showcases sensorial skincare and wellness products in a very relaxed setting, with books, teas, plants, huge crystal and wood to transport our clients’ mind our of the urban environment. The aim is to bring them back to nature,” Lo explains. 

Toff Home products are all handmade using mostly wild crafted organic ingredients from the Himalayas, where the brand’s research team is well versed in the ancient healing herbal tradition of Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine. A concept unlike any other in Macau, the shop hopes to influence individuals to prioritise self-care, as it is important element in a chaotic world, especially with the covid 19 pandemic where one cannot travel. 

“When a customer walks in we welcome them with a selection of tea from our collection and some snacks. Our rose tea is one-of-a-kind as it is picked at an high altitude area in the mountains between Yunnan and Tibet. Customers are also free to meditate with our crystals available in the space and if one of them makes a connection, anyone can buy them and take them home,” Lo says. 

Making products only with the best organic ingredients, Lo endeavours to convince individuals to move away from using skincare products that are full of chemicals and artificial fragrance, as nature is the soul’s best healer, and chemicals do more harm than good. “It is essential that we, as human beings, keep ourselves healthy and enjoy life to its fullest. The beauty of nature itself is worth our entire lifetime to explore and love and it is this joy that I would like to share with the world,” she adds.

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