Vaccinated Macau residents allowed to cross the border: Zhuhai gov’t

Crowds at the Border Gate in the early hours of Friday, Sep 30

Starting from tomorrow (Monday), locals can enter Zhuhai via Macau checkpoints with a negative NAT valid for 48 hours and a history of vaccination, Radio Macau reported minutes ago citing authorities from the neighboring SEZ.

It is unclear whether the vaccination requirements imply a single dose or if entrants should be fully vaccinated with the two jabs available in the city.

The breaking news comes in the aftermath of an apparent lack of coordination of policies between Macau and Zhuhai authorities concerning the lifting of the quarantine requirements in place since the latest outbreak of Covid cases in the community.

Last Thursday, the Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng announced at an impromptu press conference that if no new Covid-19 cases are detected by Friday (Sept 30) the quarantine-upon-arrival measures for entrants to Zhuhai from Macau “will likely be lifted.”

People took Ho’s announcement as the final decision and hundreds went to the Border Gate Thursday night creating havoc while the government stayed mute for several hours. Over 150 people sought shelter at IAM centers while others were left to spend the night in the streets.

The next day, Zhuhai authorities affirmed the quarantine requirement was still in place for an “undetermined” period of time. Later on, Ho Iat Seng came public confirming the news, and apologizing for the confusion and discomfort created among residents. He added that the two governments were in talks in order to find a quick solution.

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