Violent crimes, including murder and sex crimes, grow significantly

The number of violent crimes in the first nine months of this year has skyrocketed, statistics released by the Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak, reveal.

From January to September 2023, the general number of cases of violent crimes has increased by 58% when compared to the same period last year.

Concerningly, crimes such as murder, kidnapping and rape have increased dramatically.

Four cases of murder were recorded, representing an increase of 300%, while kidnapping increased by 240% with 17 cases. 27 cases of rape were recorded, representing an increase of 68.8%.

Cases of robbery involving violence have also increased by 400% and cases of bodily harm have increased by 300%.

The sexual abuse of children increased by 4.3% to 24 cases, one more than the same period last year. The slight increase reveals that any implemented measures to reduce this crime are proving ineffective.

In general, cases of crime increased by 32%. This was significantly bolstered by a 600% increase in the passing of counterfeit currency, a crime largely linked to activities involving illegal currency exchange. 

Taxi driver’s infractions through the roof

Concerning other violations of public order, Secretary Wong announced that the number of infractions committed by taxi drivers has increased by 262.4% to a total of 616 cases. Authorities believe the increase is related to the surge in visitation numbers over the last few months. Attempting to earn more, taxi drivers have been picking up customers but then refusing their trips if they are either too short or otherwise “inconvenient.”

Topping the list of infractions committed by taxi drivers is Refusal of Transport Service,  which increased a staggering 595.5%, followed closely by Negotiation of the Fare, up 500%.

In addition to drivers demonstrating unlawful behavior, the insufficient number of taxis to serve the population’s needs also increased the number of cases of transportation in illegal vehicles. The hiring of transport services not provided by licensed operators skyrocketed to 67 cases compared to only five in 2022, representing an increase of 1,240%.

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