WHOLE PERSON DEVELOPMENT Dedicated graduation ceremony highlights Melco’s commitment to talent development

Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s systematic approach to talent growth is implemented through its comprehensive Whole Person Development philosophy. Through innovative programs, Melco provides colleagues with an array of multi-level learning opportunities to enhance their professional skills and encourage lifelong learning, helping them establish fruitful careers. Late last month, a dedicated Whole Person Development Graduation Ceremony was hosted at City of Dreams to celebrate the life-transforming achievements of more than 200 colleagues graduating from the company’s various academic programs, including those of:

13 YOU-niversity graduates

55 Back to School graduates

14 Culinary Foundation Acceleration Program graduates

14 Scholarship recipients

153 Diploma / Advanced Diploma Program graduates

Guests of Honor included Mr. Kong Chi Meng, Representative of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture and Director of the Education and Youth Development Bureau; Mr. Shi Shuzheng, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Education and Youth Work of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR; Mr. Wong Chi Hong, Director of the Labour Affairs Bureau; Mr. Ricky Hoi, Acting Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office; Ms. Ng On Lou, Acting Head of the Research and Data Analysis Division of the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau; Mr. Frederico Ma Chi Ngai, President of the Macao Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Fanny Vong, President of the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies; Dr. Cheang Hong Kuong, Principal of Escola Seong Fan da Associação Comercial de Macau; and Dr. Connie Loi, Vice President of the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies. The Guests were welcomed by Melco representatives including Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman & CEO; Ms. Akiko Takahashi, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff to Chairman and CEO; Dr. Kent Wong, Chief Advisor; Mr. David Sisk, Chief Operating Officer – Macau Resorts; and Dr. Raymond Lo, Senior Vice President, Property General Manager of Altira Macau & Mocha Clubs.

“COVID-19 prevented us from hosting celebratory ceremonies in the past few years – which makes [the graduation] event even more meaningful – especially when it highlights the perseverance and dedication our colleagues have shown in the face of the many challenges brought on by the pandemic. I hope our colleagues will continue to practice lifelong learning and to go on achieving prosperity and success both personally and professionally” said Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman & CEO of Melco.

Melco’s Learning Academy has offered over 500 learning programs per year since it was established in 2010. Among them, the Back to School Program provides colleagues who left school prematurely with the opportunity to gain their High School Diploma by undertaking formal education in-house at Melco alongside their employment. Melco was the first local integrated resort operator to launch such a program back in 2010. In addition, since 2015, Melco Learning Academy launched the Melco YOU-niversity Program in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, a fully funded program for selected colleagues to study for a bachelor’s degree while working. Colleagues who successfully graduate from the Melco YOU-niversity Program attain a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Practice.

During the event, Mr. Kong Chi Meng, Representative of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture and Director of the Education and Youth Development Bureau congratulated the Melco graduates on their achievements. He added, “Talent cultivation is of paramount importance to the success of an enterprise. We appreciate Melco’s robust and continued support in cultivating talents among its employees through a series of comprehensive learning programs to enhance their professional skills and provide them with career development opportunities.”

Mr. Hou Lei School program graduate

During the pandemic, I participated in Melco’s Foundation Acceleration Program, and was fortunate enough to work in different departments, all of which helped to broaden my horizons. Noticing that my peers were moving forward in their careers, I decided to step out of my comfort zone to apply for a place in the company’s Back to School program.  As a father of four kids, everyone tells me that I am blessed. It was when my 4th baby was born that I told myself I could also be their role model by pursuing my dreams through lifelong learning.”


Mr. Charles Chan
Melco YOU-niversity graduate

In late 2017, my mother was admitted to hospital. Here, she told me that her greatest regret was her inability to support me in completing my degree. I comforted her by promising that I would fight my way through to enroll and graduate from company-sponsored Melco YOU-niversity program – and that she need not feel regretful. This, sadly, turned out to be my last conversation with my beloved mother as she passed away that same night. Amid my deepest pain and grief, I swore to keep my final promise by completing my college degree. By mid-2018, I was selected to participate in YOU-niversity program. The birth of my first son in early 2019 also gave me a new goal for my studies. I wanted to become his role model by completing my bachelor’s degree in my 40s so that he, too, would understand that learning is a lifelong journey. With the company’s support, I have also completed my Master of Business Administration in Gaming Management since. I am very thankful.”

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