Taste of Edesia

Wonders in nuances

Cantonese cuisine is known for its elegance in flavours. Original taste of ingredients is slightly enhanced with sophisticated cooking methods that require patience and skills that are developed through years of trial and error and intense culinary training. A master in creating exquisite Cantonese flair, Executive Charles Cheung, who helms Zi Yat Heen, showcases his expertise in presenting traditional dishes with just the right amount of innovation this season. 

Chef Charles Cheung

To start, Sliced jelly fish with sesame oil tantalises the palate with refreshing texture and a hint of influence from Shanghaiese cuisine. Barbecued pork with honey is an epitome of perfection that reflects a savoir-faire in preparing traditional dishes that stir up nostalgia towards comfort food that we have known since childhood. Double-boiled fresh abalone soup with bitter squash exudes elegance in pairing umami elements of abalone with a unique vegetal taste.

Sautéed star garoupa fillet with fresh lily and black fungus is subtle, yet exuberance in its colours and mix of sweetness and precision in featuring superb cooking methods through utmost simplicity. A gastronomic journey at Zi Yat Heen is indeed in a class of its own where wonders are hidden in nuances and devils are all in the details.

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