Wynn: Collaborating with SMEs to Revitalize Macao’s Economy

Wynn joined hands with the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau to co-organize “Carmo Market” in Taipa and Coloane, promoting the city’s unique culture and local economy.

In support of the SAR government’s policies, Wynn is assisting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), supporting their continued development and operational innovation, thereby driving the overall economic recovery of Macao.

Promoting local cultural and creative industries to stimulate prosperity 

In order to stimulate the economy in the outlying islands, Wynn and the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau have co-organized markets and fairs in Taipa and Coloane. In addition to promoting Macao’s historical and cultural tourism using online and offline efforts, local Macao brands and made-in-Macao products were also publicized, helping to crystalize Macao’s identity as “UNESCO World Heritage – The Historic Centre of Macao” and “UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy”.

The “Carmo Market” collaborates with local SME merchants to promote made-in-Macao products.

This year’s Carmo Market featured a New Year’s Eve theme with local cultural and creative Macao brands. There were culinary, cultural, and creative offerings, as well as booths featuring carnival games, a display area for Winter Olympics souvenirs, and amusement programs that were hugely popular with young children. The Market also collaborated with 40 local SME merchants to promote Chinese and Western historical and cultural tours in Taipa Village through mobile apps.

The Coloane Marques Market was themed around the traditional customs and culture of Coloane. There were 15 booths, which were based on historic, cultural, and creative elements to better attract local shoppers. The market also joined hands with 40 merchants in Coloane to offer mini guided tours that allowed residents and tourists to enjoy an interactive travel experience and the program attracted a total of 100,000 participants.

Wynn partners with “MACAU SPACE” to foster greater SME participation in the Greater Bay Area market.

Backing SMEs to seize opportunities beyond Macao

The Macao-style franchise store “MACAU SPACE” (MS) located in Zhuhai is a one-stop experiential center integrating retail, catering, culture, and tourism. The store was established to showcase the culture of Macao and act as a conduit for local merchants to start developing in mainland China. As one of its partners, Wynn set up a large-scale booth at MS, showcasing the rich tourism elements of Macao to Zhuhai residents and tourists. Wynn hopes the MS platform can be a channel that enables more SMEs in Macao to startup a business to unite and spread Macao’s unique image across China.

Furthermore, Wynn also sponsored the second “International Cultural and Food Festival Hengqin Station” to help build the popularity of Macao’s gourmet brands in mainland China by inviting featured Macao SMEs to Hengqin. This will also help to enhance the SMEs’ confidence in stepping into the Greater Bay Area, while also promoting cultural tourism and development of the catering sector in both Guangdong and Macao.

Wynn hosts food safety seminars for local vendors and food suppliers.

Committed to promoting food safety education

To popularize food safety expertise among SMEs, Wynn joined hands with the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) to host two food safety seminars. Representatives of IAM shared the latest food safety trends and regulations in Macao, as well as an overview of issues and general knowledge about food hygiene and safety, and thereby raised awareness of these crucial skills among Wynn team members, SMEs, and the broader industry.

 The two seminars attracted over 100 Wynn team members and almost 40 local vendors and food suppliers that have been in a long-term collaboration with Wynn. As an enterprise certified by the international food safety management system certification of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Wynn is enthusiastic for the opportunity to work closely with the relevant government department while proactively joining hands with suppliers and business partners to foster the development of food safety in Macao. 

Wynn organizes procurement partnership meetings with local SMEs to explore cooperation opportunities.

Expanding collaborations with SMEs through procurement partnerships

With the goal of identifying more opportunities for SMEs to cooperate, Wynn was invited by the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau Northern District to host a procurement partnership meeting for SMEs. The event attracted more than 50 representatives from merchants in the district, covering food and beverage, alcoholic beverages, frozen meats, vegetables, seafood, daily necessities, information engineering, maintenance and construction services, and more.

At the meeting, representatives from Wynn’s procurement department met directly with a number of SMEs, making introductions and answering questions about how they may apply to become a supplier, thereby improving the effectiveness of the meetings. 

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