Youth Affairs Committee discusses national symbols law

The third plenary meeting of the Youth Affairs Committee took place earlier this week at the Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ).
One of the main topics was the law amendments promoted by the government related to the use and protection of National symbols, and the national anthem, which were presented to members of the committee.
During the meeting, the Head of the Department for the Study of the Legal System and Legislative Coordination from the Legal Affairs Bureau (DSAJ), Arnaldo Chan Chi Ieong, presented the essential aspects of the new law, drawing attention to the changes from the previous law.
Also discussed were the Regulatory Guidelines for the implementation of the law which establish the specific details regarding the use of national and regional flags and emblems, as well the guidelines on the instrumental and vocal performance of the National Anthem to ensure compliance with the rules established by the central government.
In the second agenda item, the Chief of the Department on Non-Higher Education from DSEDJ, Wong Ka Ki, outlined the status of the work on Parental Education, a project started by the DSEDJ with the aim of promoting core family values.
Wong remarked that at the beginning of this year, DSEDJ created the Parental Education Center, which developed a series of community works and carried out several activities related to matrimonial relations and methodologies for child-rearing. These activities were aimed at young parents to ease the stresses of child-raising.
Wong also noted that the work of this Center will now cooperate directly with companies to expand the scope of parental education.
Trainers from DSEDJ will be sent to companies to run parental education activities that can be integrated into staff training activities.

mainland internships for local youth
The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) said it is seeking solutions for the employment of local youth who have experienced recent difficulties in entering the labor market.
Finding internship opportunities in the mainland is one of the tasks that DSAL is putting effort into, Lei Wa Iok, a technician from DSAL said during the meeting of the Youth Affairs Committee.
According to Lei, as part of the government’s efforts to cope with the evolution of the employment market, to promote the professional development of young people, the DSAL is “launching or adjusting, in due course, several support measures, namely internships at work posts in companies in the mainland, where young people can experience the operating model of the new national economy and new businesses.”

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